4 Best Trello Gantt Chart Integrations

Hardly anyone who deals with project management hasn’t heard about Trello tool. The application, released in September 2011, immediately attracted the attention of IT-world. It took less than a year to surpass 500K users. In 2017, the number of everyday users is counted in more than a million.

Trello Gantt chart

What is Trello?

Trello is a project management tool based on Kanban method to visualize workflow. It consists of boards that are actual projects and lists which in their turn consist of tasks. Indisputably, this paradigm proved to be effective and easy to work with.

One of the main advantages of Kanban cards is a good visualization of tasks, easy access to them and the whole workflow, stimulation of collaboration and some others. But what Kanban paradigm lacks is that it doesn’t offer another widespread and commonly accepted technique in project management – Gantt charts. To put it shortly, there is no Gantt chart in Trello.

What is so special about Gantt charts?

As I’ve stated, a Gantt chart is considered to be a typical technique in project management. Why is it so?

All tasks in a Gantt chart project are presented as bars that are located along a timeline. Each task has its start and end dates. Then those tasks are assigned to people; they can create dependencies, and all those actions are clearly visualized. A manager will never miss a detail from a plan that is presented as a Gantt chart.

Gantt charts for Trello as best Trello plugins

To get all your work organized in a greater manner in Trello, developers set their minds on combining two effective approaches which are Kanban paradigm and Gantt charts. The results of their work are external Gantt chart plugins, apps, extensions, etc. that can be easily integrated into Trello. It’s like the situation with popular JIRA project management tool that doesn’t offer native Gantt charts, but external solutions and plugins based on them are widespread. Surprisingly but even some Trello alternatives offer Gantt charts.

Your search can open up a number of services. But a few of them are the top choice. I’ll go into details with 4 solid tools or best Trello plugins if you wish.

1. Elegantt

Find this app on product’s website.

Trello Gantt chart

Elegantt advantages

If the words of co-founder and CEO at Trello mean something to you, you will believe in the effectiveness of this Trello Gantt chart. Michael Pryor stated that if he and his designers’ team were engaged in developing Gantt chart feature for Trello, it would look like Elegantt.

This Trello Gantt chart automatically converts everything from your board into bars. All data are synchronized and immediately reflected in Elegantt and Trello. Thanks to a classic Gantt chart view, users are able to track tasks’ progress, create dependencies, and project milestones. In Elegantt, there are some extra features like export in PNG, zoom and filter options, click-and-drag, and selective visibility.

Moreover, this Gantt for Trello feels and looks like Trello so it won’t bring any inconveniences for those who are used to working in it.

Elegantt disadvantages

It looks like this Gantt Trello application is a really working and effective solution with no significant drawbacks.


There is a free full-featured trial for a 14-day period. There are free as well as paid versions of Elegantt. The second one cost $5 per slot billed annually or $7 – per month.

2. Trellogantt

Find this app on product’s website.

Trello Gantt chart

Trellogantt advantages

This Trello Gantt chart offers must-have features such as tasks creation, a timeline with drag-and-drop simplicity and milestones. All the inputs and changes are automatically synchronized in both tools.

Moreover, users may also work in this Trello Gantt chart with team members. All the changes will be immediately seen by everyone.

Trellogantt disadvantages

It is difficult to name some because the application is still being developed and improved.


Since it is not yet finished, Trellogantt is free as of August 2017.

3. Ganttify

Find this application on product’s website.

Trello Gantt chart

Ganttify advantages

This Trello Gantt chart works well as a Basecamp Gantt chart too. It offers basic and advanced features of a Gantt chart for your Trello project.

To organize your work in a more efficient way, simply connect the apps and select projects you need to synchronize. That’s it. Manage your Trello data with Gantt chart simplicity and great visualization.

Ganttify disadvantages

This is also a good working Trello integration that has no significant disadvantages. The only point worth mentioning is that as of August 2017 developers decided to stop offering free versions.


At the end of August 2017, the service is migrating to the paid subscription with a 14-day free trial.

4. Placker

Find this application on product’s website.

Trello Gantt chart

Placker advantages

As in described above cases, the tool is also easily synchronized and set up with Trello. Basic Gantt chart functions are presented here: start and end dates for tasks, their progress, dependencies, and milestones. Advanced features include baselines, zoom, members’ workload, filters, export to PDF, PNG, iCal, and MS Project, and import from Excel.

All the changes made in one tool will be immediately seen in the other.

The support is responsive and quick.

Placker disadvantages

This Trello Gantt chart offers good functionality. Probably, one needs more time to find something serious about drawbacks.


Placker starts with a 15-day free trial. Paid plans start from $7.49 per active user per month.

Gantt chart software

If you are not a Trello fan, you can give a try to GanttPRO as your project management tool. It is based on a Gantt chart approach, so you don’t need to search for external applications. With this online project management tool you can:

    • Create and assign tasks;
    • Track tasks’ and project’s progress;
    • Collaborate with team members;
    • Manage resources;
    • Get real-time notifications about any changes;
    • Export your chart to PDF, PNG, and XLSX;
  • Use ready templates and even save yours.

GanttPRO Gantt chart software

What is your favorite Gantt chart software? Do you manage your plans in Trello? Share with us your ideas and experience in comments!

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