What is a Milestone in Project Management?

Our lives are full of milestones. Graduation from university, getting the first job, buying a car, wedding, etc. – these are all examples of milestones.

Any project, being inevitable part of our lives, has its milestones, too. Regardless of their size and number of members, they can be met everywhere within a timeline.

What is a Milestone in Project Management?

This is any significant event that is important for the entire project. It is used to measure its progress and show how it approaches those goals that have been set.

What is Milestone’s Purpose?

Firstly, we should mention that they as a rule do not have any influence or impact on project duration. On the contrary, they draw attention to all important actions in particular and to progress in general. All those actions and events are to be reached in order to successfully complete a project.

Thus, they help to be fully aware of how things go and determine whether they go as it was scheduled.

What Can Be a Milestone?

As it has been stated, any key moment. It could be:

  • Significant dates: start date of the entire project; meetings, start/end of a certain phase, etc.
  • Significant deadlines: they are important for understanding and careful planning what steps/tasks will be taken after previous ones are finished. For example, completion of new color set development. These events are not tasks, but directly impact on a project.
  • External events and dates: some events that come from external resources. For example, a due date for some materials from an outsource company, etc.

How to Add a Milestone in GanttPRO

Project milestones are greatly presented in GanttPRO Gantt chart software. Adding them to your chart is possible in two ways with just a few clicks.

You may click on + on the right of the task setting line, then choose Add sibling milestone. Or you may directly click the line Add a milestone.

Milestones GanttPRO

You can name your Gantt chart milestones, drag them and change their date as well as set dependencies with tasks and milestones themselves.

Milestones in GanttPRO

Adding milestones in GanttPRO

Note: Gantt chart milestones are rescheduled if a project is rescheduled.

So, Why You Need Project Milestones:

  • To see all significant events at a glance;
  • To not miss any important event;
  • To successfully accomplish a project.

GanttPRO software

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