How to Set Task Dependencies in GanttPRO

You can hardly find a single thing in our world that has absolutely no connection to something else. Everything around us is a system where things connect to each other. Project management where tasks are obligatory parts is no exception.

Projects without tasks are impossible. Even the simplest one with just one person: this person should do something in order to achieve his milestones, goals and complete his campaign.

Projects that imply team work have a variety of different tasks. At least, one task for each member should be fulfilled in order to complete a project. And, as a rule, those tasks are connected to each other or, in other words, dependent on each other.

What is Task Dependency?

Dependency between tasks is relationship that requires certain order for tasks to be performed. It means that one preceding task relies on the other succeeding one.

What types of dependencies exist?

 There are four types that are distinguished in project management. Let’s give consideration and examples to each of them.

  • Finish to start (FS for short)

What it means

Action A should be completed in order to give start to Action B.

This kind of dependency is considered to be a natural one. That is why it is recommended to use FS wherever it is possible.

Example: we cannot start digging a pit (B) without buying a spade (A).

  • Finish to finish (FF for short)

What it means

Action A should be completed before Action B will be completed.

Example: we cannot finish reading a book (B) before we finish reading the last its chapter (A).

  • Start to start (SS for short)

What it means

Action B cannot be started before Action A is started.

Example: we can start managing a project (B) after we prepared a solid project plan (A).

  • Start to finish (SF for short)

What it means

Action B cannot be over before a start to Action A is given.

Example: new shift starts working (A) at a factory after previous one has finished (B).

SF is seldom used and generally it is recommended to avoid this task dependency.

How to set dependencies in GanttPRO

GanttPRO, being powerful Gantt chart software for project management, allows working with all kinds of task dependencies.

To create dependencies between tasks is extremely easy thanks to drag and drop function. Just drag small circles and connect a required task with other needed ones. You will notice how easily GanttPRO connects them.

On the picture you see the most widespread Finish to Start dependency.

Dependencies in GanttPRO

In GanttPRO Gantt chart software you can create any kind of task dependency you need, even complicated ones.

Dependencies in GanttPRO

If some task dependency cannot be set, you will see a real-time notification at the top-right corner.

Note: you can always delete any dependency after clicking History button. Choose the event you want to undo and then click Restore this version button. Thus you restore your chart to the state before a certain action has been implemented.

What you can do in GanttPRO:

  • Connect any task with others;
  • Set all types of dependencies;

Dependencies in GanttPRO software

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