Event Management Software: 8 Apps that Fully Cover Your Event Project Requirements

Event management and planning software

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Planning and managing an event is a big challenge regardless of its type: whether it is a conference, exhibition, meeting, wedding or just a birthday party. It requires not only possession of certain skills but also having a talent for it.

However, to stand out and be a real superhero of event planning, an organizer needs to have an event planning certification and a good command of special software. You will find it in a few categories: event management software, event planning software, event planning apps or simply event software. Anyway, it is the same type of tools.

In this guide to event planning software, you will find apps from different categories, as there are different reasons why event organizers need a planning app. However, regardless of the category, all of them will help you plan and manage your event and follow event planning checklist in a very efficient way and, according to the survey conducted by Gather, significantly improve your overall organization.

To give you a clear understanding of the apps, each planning software goes with pricing options, pros and cons, scores, and real reviews.

But first, let’s clarify two things:

  • What is event management software?
  • Which event management software is right for you?

What is event management software?

An event planning app is a tool or a set of tools that in its generic term are used in the management of a wide range of events.

As planning and management make the nature of event software and can’t be considered separately from each other, in this article, event management and planning tools are reviewed as the apps serving the same goals.

How to choose the best event management software

For sure, it depends on your needs and goals. When choosing an event planning app, remember that it is obligatory to:

Identify the reason why you need event management software.

As there are different reasons for utilizing a specially designed app, this first step of choosing the right tool can save you tons of time and effort during the whole event life cycle.

The event planning software market offers dozens of solutions for event planners. They differ in their purpose and can be used for scheduling and task management, registration, ticketing, sales, progress tracking, and many other needs. However, no matter the software nature, they all help streamline event management processes automatically in an efficient way.

Event management software categories: from task management to all-in-one solutions

The article covers not every possible category of event planning software. If you have something to add, please, share it with us in the comment section.

Here, you will find the following categories:

Planning and scheduling software

Venue management software

Event floor plan software

Event attendance tracking software

Event registration software

Planning and scheduling software

1. GanttPRO

GanttPRO online event management software

GanttPRO is online project management software based on Gantt charts. It allows event organizers to break down their activities into smaller tasks with clear start and end dates and deadlines, plan and assign all the tasks to real team members or virtual resources. Then, every assignment is very easy to track.

GanttPRO provides a big picture of an event allowing managers to plan activities long before they start and closely track in real time every detail of a project.

Pros: this Gantt chart maker is more than just a simple planning tool. It also has robust resource management, resource workload, team collaboration, and time tracking features. With its help, it is very easy to see the big picture of an event. It can be your central place for all project-related information like tasks, dates, files, and discussions.

Cons: limited integration options. No mobile apps.

Summary: a very easy-to-use planning and management tool for all kinds of events with a nice interface and a short learning curve.

Helen Polyakovsky, an event manager:

Venue management software

2. Planning Pod

Planning Pod event management software

Planning Pod is venue management software that helps event professionals and businesses be more productive and organized. This event planning app will be your central place for event details.

Planning Pod offers two solutions. For venues, it serves as a venue management software that streamlines processes. For planners, it gives a big picture and keeps teams in the loop.

Pros: integration with Zapier, easy to use, lots of features that allow being confident in your event.

Cons: no mobile apps, not the greatest UI.

Summary: planning Pod offers basic functionality that, however, should work fine for event management.

Heather l., an event organizer:

Event floor plan software

3. Social Tables

Social Tables event management software

Social Tables is one of the leading tools in the event management software category that allows planners and properties to effectively collaborate. Global companies use Social Tables to earn more profit and develop their business.

In an easy way, the event planning tool allows designing room layouts, seating, and event-diagramming in general.

Pros: serves well for event sales, event services, and different venues.

Cons: not mobile-friendly.

Summary: this software is a robust solution that allows managing guests, communicating, creating diagrams, finding venues, and much more.

David, works in event services:

Event attendance tracking software

4. Attendease

Attendease event management software

Attendease is an up and coming all-in-one event management software that can help event planners to manage events of all types and sizes. Winner of the 2019 Event Tech Awards in the category “Best Attendee Management Platform”, Attendease is a solid solution to help planners to track member attendance.

Used by enterprises such as Adobe, Autodesk, Pepsi, and NBC, Attendease offers a complete suite of features, including a website builder, registration, email marketing, event analytics, attendee management, and more.

Pros: real-time data for event reports and metrics and deep insight into attendee behavior. Attendease offers many solutions under one umbrella, reducing the technology stack used by event teams. The tool is also easy to use and onboard, and teams can start using the platform with no downtime. 

Cons: it looks like the product meets the needs of most event planners. 

Summary: a powerful event management software that covers a plethora of day-to-day activities of event planners and organizers.

Joni A., NBC:

5. Cvent

Cvent event management software

Founded in 1999, Cvent is a globally recognized tool that helps organizations plan and manage events regardless of industries and sizes. This all-in-one event app can be also easily used for attendance tracking.

Cvent offers a smart attendance tracking technology that significantly increases attendee experience.

Pros: real-time data for event reports and metrics, deep insight into attendee interests, booth visitor tracking, and much more.

Cons: it requires time to figure out how to configure the software for your needs.

Summary: a powerful event management software that covers a plethora of day-to-day activities of event planners and organizers.

Lindsay J., an event coordinator:

Event registration software

6. Eventbrite

Eventbrite event management software

Event registration will be a breeze with Eventbrite, the event planning and management software that helps businesses manage and promote their events online. The tool is a perfect choice for all those who want to organize events of all sizes, from small dinners to big music festivals.

Eventbrite is a global platform that operates in more than 170 countries.

Pros: integrations with 100+ apps including Facebook integration that allows increasing sales, more than 10 reports and chart views with 24/7 access from any device.

Cons: many people state that the pricing is steep.

Summary: with the tool, it is really easy to set up events with different ticket pricing options.

Ashley A., a Vice President at a non-profit organization:

7. Purplepass

Purplepass event management software

With this event registration software that is both affordable and innovative, you can sell tickets like a pro. Besides their 24/7/365 support for promoters and their customers, event planners can implement a management solution that has everything they need.

Purplepass is perfect for all organizers of all event sizes.

Pros: every user has access to a support team for them and their guests; no upgrades or special pricing plans required. It provides access to custom reports, stats, real-time alerts or you can build your own. Equipment is available for rent and free after spending X amount of tickets.

Cons: it looks like this event management software is highly appreciated by customers with relatively few insignificant cons.

Summary: with the right tools and support team behind you, promoting your event is easy from start to finish.

Michelle C., an Arts event director:


GEVME event management software

GEVME is a fully integrated event management software. It can power an entire event lifecycle from event website, online registration and email marketing for pre-event execution to on-site registrations to the post-event follow-up process. It transforms the ways how events are conceptualized and executed.

With additional capabilities such as using RFID to track attendees, GEVME is highly focused on using technology to deliver an effortless, seamless, and integrated experience for event organizers and attendees alike.

Pros: GEVME provides all the features needed for the whole lifecycle of an event. They enable their users to create unlimited events and have unlimited attendees. 

Cons: GEVME’s pricing model is mainly geared towards event planners who run large-scale events or multiple events. It is less suitable for those running a one-off small event.

Summary: a fully-integrated tool that provides all the features needed for any event management needs.

Rachel T., an Even manager:

Share with us your favorite event management software in the comments below!

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Sara Sandeep
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Tim Robbin
Tim Robbin
August 10, 2023 9:45 am

An insightful compilation of event management apps! To truly cover all event project requirements in 2023, I’d suggest adding Eventdex to this list. Its feature-rich platform not only simplifies tasks like registration and logistics but also enhances engagement and post-event analysis. Including Eventdex would provide readers with a holistic view of the most effective apps available. When it comes to comprehensive event project coverage, Eventdex is a must-mention!

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