5 Reasons Remote Work is the Ultimate Productivity Booster

Remote work is the productivity booster

Critics often label remote workers as unproductive and lazy and remote worker management in general. A significant number of people believe that those who work from home without supervision are more likely to be distracted than those working in a traditional office. The reason for this belief is quite logical. After all, remote workers have family members at home, TV, and other distractions to deal with.

But is this always the case?

It might shock you to learn that recent research proves otherwise. A study shows that 83% of entrepreneurs claim remote employees tend to get more work done than their traditional office counterparts.

The remote work trend is on the rise, and one of the reasons for this is its supposed ability to impact work productivity. Here are five reasons why remote work is the ultimate productivity booster.

Remote workers are less distracted

Working from home isn’t free from distractions. However, lots of remote workers have stated that the separation from a traditional office environment helped them focus more on the task at hand.

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In a survey carried out by SurePayroll, 86% of those who participated said they were more productive when they worked alone. They didn’t have to deal with a co-worker in a nearby cubicle talking loudly on the phone or get sidetracked by a co-worker who shows up at their desks uninvited. With less distraction, they could channel their focus into completing a task.

In the case where a remote worker lives with family members or friends, they could still cut down on distractions if they want to. They could create a quiet place for themselves within the house or choose to work when everyone was out.

So, far from what you think, remote workers are way less distracted than traditional workers.

Remote work reduces work stress on employees

Stress is one of the many productivity killers in the workplace that also decreases team efficiency. If not killed in time, stress can lead to both emotional and physical breakdown of any individual. However, it is one of the problems the average traditional worker has to face daily.

They start their days early, often against their will, and have to make long commutes to the workplace. Sometimes, their work environment isn’t free from stress as well. This takes a toll on their health and negatively affects productivity.

Remote workers, on the other hand, are less stressed. They wake up when they like, don’t have to commute, and create a work environment that suits them. This makes them more productive than their traditional workplace counterparts.

Remote workers are satisfied with their jobs

There’s a popular saying – happy employees mean more productivity. Firms need to invest in the wellbeing of their workers. When employees are satisfied with their working conditions, it’s only reasonable for them to give their employers everything they’ve got.

Recent studies have shown that 60% of employees would quit their job for a remote position at the same pay rate. This only goes to show how much a good number of traditional workers yearn for a remote job.

Working remotely comes with loads of benefits, one of which is freedom. Remote workers feel their life has been made easier and are most loyal to their employers. This loyalty comes in the form of taking their jobs more seriously and performing tasks better.

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According to a report by the Global State of Remote Work, employees who are allowed to work from home at least once a month are 24% more likely to perform better at their jobs.

Full-time remote workers have stated that they are happy and pleased with their employers 22% more than workers who lack the privilege of working remotely.

Remote workers enjoy better health

Remote workers tend to be more healthy than their traditional workplace counterparts. This is not because they eat healthier meals. It all boils down to the freedom they enjoy. They are free from the stress of commuting to work and are also free from the stress that comes from being in a tense or toxic workplace.

The traditional worker who continually faces stress from work will eventually breakdown. When this occurs, the employer suffers as well. As a result of the good health they enjoy, remote workers are far more productive on any assignment.

The remote worker sleeps better, connects with people in real life, can take breaks from work when they feel tired, and has an advantage when it comes to finding time to exercise. These things help reduce their chances of falling ill and helps boosts their productivity.

Remote workers enjoy the freedom to choose working hours and create working environments

Another great benefit remote workers enjoy is the ability to create a unique working environment and tailor their work schedule – both of which help increase their output.

Remote workers can choose to work at any time that best suits them. Individual who at their best during night hours can choose to work during that period. The one who’s more of an early bird can get up early enough to complete tasks.

Working environments are also critical to most remote workers. People who are introverts have a hard time being in a public place – they are never at their best in such areas and situations.

An introvert would prefer working alone and in the confines of their homes. As such, they experience a considerable boost in productivity when allowed to work from home.

Working remotely also lets employees create a working environment that best suits them. Some individuals perform better with music playing in the background and so on. All of this put together are some of the reasons why remote work is an ultimate productivity booster.

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Remote workers get a serious boost to their productivity levels, and the reason for this isn’t far fetched. Happiness, less work stress, freedom, excellent health, and less distraction they enjoy all contribute to increasing their output.

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