9 Project Managers to Follow on Twitter in 2018

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Project management sphere is enjoying the moment. It is pacing at rapidly fast speed. Every year more and more people come into the profession, and the expectations are even higher for the upcoming years. By 2020, it is expected that project management roles will be in high demand with the growth by 13.4 million.

There are dozens of resources where you can dive in to learn the profession or at least familiarize yourself with the basics. You can attend courses or project management conferences and read materials. Luckily, there are so many reliable sources that spread their knowledge through different channels: blogs, podcasts, emails, books, and social channels. Among social channels, you can definitely rely on Twitter.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to project management or have rich experience. There is always room for perfection. It doesn’t matter whether you are figuring out the differences between Agile and Waterfall or need some experts’ views for the project management book you are writing. Rest assured – on Twitter, there are resources you can trust and rely on.

I have made a list of project managers who already proved to be experts in the field. What is also relevant that they have Twitter accounts where they share their experience and give great pieces of advice. So, my criteria were their influence, followers, and activity. All the data are presented as of May 18, 2018.

Please notice that there is no strict order in the list. All these people are listed with no connection to their influence, followers or something else.

1. Michael Kaplan

Michael Kaplan project managers on Twitter

His Twitter.

Followers: 278K.

Topics: project management, productivity, miscellaneous.

As Michael himself states in his Twitter bio, he is «IT project leader on a mission». He was the founder of SoftPMO, an organization with the goal to help businesses to better manage their projects.

Mr. Kaplan is very active on Twitter. He shares his thoughts, makes comments, gives smart quotations by famous people, and does other things.

2. Elizabeth Harrin

Elizabeth Harrin project managers on Twitter

Her Twitter.

Followers: 13.5K.

Topics: project management, business.

Elizabeth is the founder of A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, the blog with tons of useful materials. Thanks to it, she made her name and became quite an influential person in the sphere globally.

Remarkably that Elizabeth was the youngest woman who received the Fellow of the Association for Project Management designation in 2011.

She makes posts on Twitter almost every day linking to a variety of sources.

3. Lolly Daskal

Lolly Daskal project managers on Twitter

Her Twitter.

Followers: 1.32M.

Topics: productivity.

Lolly Daskal writes mostly about productivity, not directly about project management. But we know how important productivity is when you deal with projects and teams. She is a consultant, speaker, and life coach. Also, Lolly is the author of The Leadership Gap book.

In her Twitter where she is active on a daily basis, Lolly shares her views as well as links to a variety of sources.

4. Cornelius Fichtner

Cornelius Fichtner project managers on Twitter

His Twitter.

Followers: 11.9K.

Topics: project management.

A native of Switzerland, Mr. Fichtner made his project management career not only on his native soil but also in Germany and the USA. He is a very experienced manager who worked in a variety of spheres including retail, consulting, financial service providers, startups, etc. Also, he is a host of The PM Podcast with the current number of episodes of 413.

Cornelius Fichtner is a very active Twitter user with dozens of tweets each day.

5. Rachel Burger

Rachel Burger project managers on Tiwtter

Her Twitter.

Followers: 8227.

Topics: project management, miscellaneous.

If you have ever come across Capterra’s project management blog, you know who Rachel is. Highly likely that all the success it has is thanks to her amazing work and the work done by her team. They managed to cover a variety of project management topics. By the way, in April 2018, she left this leading resource for business software buyers.

Rachel uses her Twitter not only for project management discussion. You can find there a plethora of personal tweets.

6. Mike Cohn

Mike Cohn project managers on Twitter

His Twitter.

Followers: 40K.

Topics: Agile, Scrum, miscellaneous.

Probably, this is the case when a man does not need an introduction. One of the contributors to the invention of Scrum methodology in software development, the owner of mountaingoatsoftware.com, the man who firstly applied Scrum in 1995 – it’s all about Mr. Cohn. He has been leading his personal blog about Scrum and Agile since 2005. And he is still doing it! Actually, there is much more to say about him.

In his Twitter account, you’ll find links, thoughts, quotes, etc.

7. Lindsay Scott

Lindsay Scott project managers on Twitter

Her Twitter.

Followers: 11.9K.

Topics: project management.

This woman should know much about project management. In 2002, she founded Arras People – a firm with the focus on project managers recruitment. Whether you need a manager or you are the one looking for work – this place will meet your requirements.

In her Twitter, you will find not only recruitment offers but plenty of other information as well.

8. Susanne Madsen

Susanne Madsen project managers on Twitter

Her Twitter.

Followers: 9108.

Topics: project management, leadership.

Being the author of a few project management related books and the founder of a few organizations, Susanne helps people to inspire teams and eventually become real leaders. She is a practitioner of Get Things Done method that was described in a book of the same title by David Allen, a productivity consultant who created this method.

She is active in her account at least once a day.

9. Seth Godin

Seth Godin project managers on Twitter

His Twitter.

Followers: 657K.

Topics: business trends, marketing, smart thoughts.

Have you been attentive enough to notice how many followers he has? And how many does he follow? The number of his followers keeps growing while the Following section remains the same.

Just read a few of his thoughts and you will realize how concise he is. Mr. Godin wrote more than 10 books recognized globally including bestsellers.

He usually retweets from his own blog and makes it once a day.

Is that all?

Of course, no. You can find dozens of great accounts that belong to famous managers, trainers, consultants or websites. It is impossible to collect them in one place. Moreover, it is a matter of a personal choice whom to follow. The list about includes recognized leaders in project management, productivity, and leadership. What is also important is that they are all active in this social network.

Be sure to follow them, and you will get tons of new ideas on how to become a project manager without experience or simply be a better project manager.

What people do you follow on Twitter? Are we missing someone really great? Please, share your thoughts in comments!

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