Project Management Trends 2020 as Seen by the Experts

You won’t doubt our world constantly changes. Different economic, technological, and social developments bring on new trends in almost every sphere of our lives. Your success, business success in particular, directly depends on your reaction to new trends and the way you can adhere to them.

Project management sphere changes too. If you are in the field for years, you must have witnessed the evolution. There were fewer methodologies, working tools, and projects themselves did not require so much attention and detailed management even 10 years ago.

Probably, these changes in project management do not gallop and can be used by managers for years. It all depends on the circumstances. However, changes always happen. And you will benefit a lot if you are prepared for the upcoming trends well in advance.

What are the future trends in project management?

Experts always feel the pulse of what is going on now and clearly see future tendencies. With their help, we already figured out what project management skills are needed in 2020 and later.

This time, we continued our talk to four highly acknowledged project managers about project management modern trends that are already traceable in 2020. Also, we asked them which approaches do not work anymore.

Which trends do you see in project management in the 2020s?

Remote working and gig workers
Soft skills, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Technology, Cultural Intelligence
Digital transformation, Agile and Hybrid approaches

Which project management approaches do you consider out of date?

Black and white approaches
Strict adherence to a single methodology
Rigid belief in one or specific methodology or tool


What modern trends do you see in project management?

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Andrew Stepanov

Andrew Stepanov

Andrew fell in love with the Gantt chart from the moment he discovered this great project management tool. Implementing his experience in marketing, he does his best to promote it to professionals from different spheres.

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