GanttPRO Recognized With Top Awards in Marketing Planning, Project Management, and Other Categories

GanttPRO awards from top review platforms

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GanttPRO continues to receive professional recognition and heartwarming awards in prestigious industry categories. This honorable recognition is the result of recent user reviews.

Our Gantt chart maker has been recognized as a top-ranking leader with a 100% rating in the field of marketing planning. Additionally, it stands out as a leading solution in project management, strategic planning, and many more related categories.

Let’s delve into the details of the new GanttPRO awards.

Gartner Digital Markets awards

GanttPRO is honored to be presented in the set of new awards by Gartner Digital Markets – a global business unit within the Gartner corporate ecosystem that focuses on providing information and insights related to various software and technology markets. 

Gartner is represented by GetApp, Capterra, and Software Advice.

Here is how these respected resources have noted GanttPRO during the Q3-Q4 of 2023.

Absolute leader in the marketing planning category by GettApp

The first great news came from GetApp. 

The software marketplace and review platform gave GanttPRO the absolute 100% score in the ranking of the best marketing planning software solutions.

GanttPRO GettApp category leader 2023 award

This assessment is very prestigious for us because GanttPRO provides advanced functionality to have a stable place among the best marketing planning software. It helps marketing teams visualize their creative ideas and plans without the risk of missing out on anything important and keep their colleagues up to date.

That’s why many agencies, departments, and individuals use our marketing project management software to plan campaigns and global events such as exhibitions, conferences, or presentations.

It’s worth adding that the GettApp scoring system includes 5 criteria, worth up to 20 points:

  • Ease of use.
  • Functionality.
  • Value for money.
  • Likelihood to recommend.
  • Customer support.

In addition, GetApp gave GanttPRO a high place and the Leader title in many other ratings, including project management, Gantt chart, product roadmap, strategic planning, and task management categories.

Among the best tools in terms of ease of use according to Capterra

Capterra highlighted GanttPRO as one of the best solutions in terms of ease of use. 

This award is given to products that have garnered high ratings and positive user reviews for their user-friendly nature and intuitiveness.

GanttPRO Capterra Best ease of use Fall award 2023

“Great ease of use” is what Jim H., a project manager in the construction sphere, emphasizes when describing GanttPRO in its review on Capterra:

Besides, GanttPRO got a range of Best Value awards from Capterra. This recognition highlights the role of our Gantt chart creator in: 

  • IT project management.
  • Gantt chart software.
  • Product roadmap software.
  • Project planning.
  • Project tracking.
  • Portfolio project management.
  • Marketing planning.
  • Manufacturing, and some other areas.
GanttPRO Capterra best value award 2023

FrontRunner by Software Advice

Software Advice awarded GanttPRO the honorary title FrontRunner in 6 categories:

  • Project management.
  • Gantt chart.
  • Task management.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Product roadmap.
  • Marketing planning.
GanttPRO Software Advice award 2023

It is worth mentioning that the overall rating of GanttPRO on Gartner platforms is 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Honorable ranks in traditional and new G2 reports for the fall period

G2 shares its reports every season. We eagerly anticipate these reports and their latest rankings as this recognition contributes to our continuous improvement.

The most remarkable fact about the fall awards by G2 is that the number of reports where GanttPRO is presented has increased by 47 new.

In the summer set of awards, the software was included in 64 reports while the related fall list contains 111 reports with GanttPRO mentions. What a leap forward!

Among the new ratings, we can note Momentum Grid report for work management, Results Index for task management, Europe report for marketing resource management, new regional grid reports, and more. 

Let’s figure out some of the most catchy traditional and new awards from this set.

Momentum Leader and High Performer awards in valuable categories

Traditionally, G2 categorizes products into Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and Niche tools. 

Leader-tier solutions in the G2 Momentum Grid rank among the top 25% of products in their respective categories, as assessed by user feedback. This ranking is determined by a specialized algorithm that takes into account social, web, employee, and review data that significantly impacts a company’s momentum.

GanttPRO is a leader in Marketing Resource Management on G2

GanttPRO got ratings in the following categories: 

  • Project management: #14/188.
  • Marketing resource management: #8/26.
  • Work management: #10/41.
  • Task management: #12/66.

High Performer is also one of the most prestigious G2 grids where GanttPRO is distinguished by constancy and stability.

According to the fall set of reports, the Gantt chart maker has received significant recognition in the Enterprise, Mid-market, and Small business categories.

GanttPRO is a leader in Work Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Small-Business Task Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Enterprise Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Mid-Market Project Management on G2

Here are the current positions in different areas:

  • Project management: #30/204.
  • Work management: #10/51.
  • Marketing resource management: #12/30.
  • Task management: #17/77.

High Performer in the small business segment in: 

  • Project management: #16/116.
  • Task management: #7/57.
  • Work management: #8/34.

High Performer in the enterprise sector in: 

  • Project management: #19/62.

High Performer in the mid-market segment in:

  • Project management: #20/86.

Best relationship index

Another recognition outlines the relationship category where GanttPRO also earned the highest rating.

GanttPRO is a leader in Work Management on G2

The index ranks products based on performance around quality of support, ease of doing business with, and likelihood of recommending to others.

We are very proud that GanttPRO takes an honorable first place in two areas:

  • Work management: #1/40.
  • Task management: #1/51.

New G2 Winter 2024 Reports

The Winter 2024 Reports by G2 are also live.

On this occasion, the global tech marketplace acknowledges the importance of an online Gantt diagram for project management, work management, task management, and marketing resource management. GanttPRO ranks in some grids were improved.

By the way, the number of new reports that involve our Gantt chart maker has increased again. Now we are present in 115 reports.

Let’s delve into how GanttPRO starts this winter season with new awards by G2.

Leader in project management

One of the most important awards by G2 is the Leader in project management.

GanttPRO is a leader in Project Management on G2
  • Current rating: #13/212.

What is so special about this award?

The fact is that, compared with the corresponding rating for the fall season, GanttPRO rose up 17 positions.

Top rankings in work management

The work management area typically includes products that help companies manage and optimize various aspects of work and projects. These software solutions often provide features for project planning, task management, collaboration, and workflow automation.

This time, GanttPRO succeeds in work management in several important directions. Moreover, in three categories the Gantt chart maker confidently ranks #1.

GanttPRO is a leader in Work Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Work Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Work Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Work Management on G2
  • Best usability: #1/39.
  • Easiest admin: #1/39.
  • Best relationship: #1/43.
  • Easiest setup: #6/39.

Stable recognition as a High Performer, supported by new reports

As mentioned before, G2 gives the High Performer award to products with outstanding customer satisfaction scores.

GanttPRO is a leader in Work Management on G2

This winter, GanttPRO receives this kind of award in the following categories:

  • Work management: #11/54.
  • Marketing resource management: #12/30.
  • Task management: #18/81.

High Performer in small business in:

  • Project management: #17/117.
  • Work management: #9/37.
  • Task management: #10/61.

High Performer in the enterprise segment in:

  • Project management: #19/63.

High Performer in the mid-market segment in:

  • Project management: #20/90.

Another type of High Performer Grid Report highlights GanttPRO positions in various regions. This index demonstrates the satisfaction scores based on reviews from different locations.

For example, the awards and rankings mentioned below relate to the project management category.

GanttPRO is a leader in Americas Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Asia Pacific Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Asia Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Europe Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Latin America Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Middle East & Africa Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Middle East Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in United Kingdom Project Management on G2
  • Americas’ project management: #25/134.
  • Asia Pacific project management: #21/63.
  • Asia project management: #19/58.
  • Europe project management: #13/71.
  • Latin America project management: #11/34.
  • Middle East & Africa project management: #10/24.
  • Middle East project management: #9/21.
  • UK project management: #7/37.

User appreciation

GanttPRO enjoys public favor, as affirmed by a prestigious award that concludes the seasonal G2 awards collection.

Users love GanttPRO on G2

This recognition means that users all over the world trust GanttPRO and love it. And the “Users Love Us” badge serves as a continual source of inspiration and motivation to excel further.

This is clearly confirmed by Ian Demroff, the quality engineer at Lockheed Martin, the defense and space manufacturing company (the USA), who admits:

Notably, GanttPRO has an impressive overall G2 rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Category leader by SourceForge

The Fall 2023 category leader is an awaited award provided by SourceForge – a software platform for open-source and business solutions.

GanttPRO SourceForge Leader Fall award 2023

This award acknowledges outstanding businesses and online tools with impressive user reviews. This allows these platforms to maintain their position as top-tier products on SourceForge.

To qualify for this prestigious category, products must get a substantial number of highly-rated user reviews. It underscores the exceptional quality of GanttPRO.

Accelerating our path to recognition together with you

Each award is a proud moment and an honored milestone for us. 

Our users’ feedback and ratings on platforms such as GetApp, Capterra, Software Advice, G2, and SourceForge reflect the significance of GanttPRO and its positive influence on various businesses. We try our best to address the changing requirements of project teams by providing advanced Gantt chart functionality on a global scale.

We are ready to continue our award-winning journey together with you. Many thanks for this recognition that matters.

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