GanttPRO Wins Awards in Roadmap Software, Project Management, and Other Prestigious Categories

New GanttPRO awards by the leading software reviews platforms

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Leading software review platforms have recently shared their Summer 2023 reports. As usual, GanttPRO is presented in a range of prestigious categories and rankings.

This time we have awards from Gartner Digital Markets platforms, G2, and SourceForge. There is progress in some positions compared to previous GanttPRO awards

Let’s discover how the Gantt chart maker is ending the warm and sunny season not only with fresh plans but also with honorable recognition.

Top awards by Gartner Digital Markets

Gartner Digital Markets operates as a dedicated business unit with a mission to assist companies in selecting the most suitable software to enhance their growth and efficiency. 

This reputable entity encompasses three well-known platforms, namely Software Advice, Capterra, and GetApp. They collectively cater to over 9 million monthly visitors worldwide.

In recognition of exceptional efforts, GanttPRO has been recently honored by these platforms.

Top product roadmap software with a significant margin in the Software Advice ranking

We’ve got great news from Software Advice, which ranked GanttPRO as the best product roadmap software this summer. 

This time, GantPRO’s gap from competitors has significantly increased, and we’ve got the top place in the ranking.

This absolute leadership in such a prestigious category means that our online project roadmap is a powerful and trustworthy tool in the hands of dedicated project managers and their teams.

Front Runners award by Software Advice

Recognition in the product roadmap software category by Capterra

One more award in the category related to product roadmap management came from Gapterra. 

GanttPRO got a high place in the 2023 Product Roadmap Software Shortlist.

This award also testifies to the impeccable quality and real benefits of roadmaps that can be built with an online Gantt chart designed by GanttPRO.

Sarfaraz K., an SEO manager in an e-learning company agrees:

In addition, Capterra has recently presented an interesting selection where they highlighted five key features of modern project management software with a set of the best 3 tools for each feature category. This data is based on ratings provided by verified users.

Notably, GanttPRO managed to be part of 4 out of 5 selections, a significant accomplishment.

  • Task management: #2/3.
  • Project planning/scheduling: #1/3.
  • Reporting/project tracking: #2/3.
  • Workflow management: #2/3.

Leader in the project management category by GetApp

GetApp ranked GanttPRO as the Leader in the project management category. 

This category is one of the most prestigious and important for us. We try our best to create perfect Gantt chart software for high-performing businesses, so this leadership is like a breath of inspiration for further great achievements.

category Leader GetApp award

The overall score of GanttPRO in this category is 96 out of 100. It’s a pleasure to admit that this is the highest position in this ranking as the next tool has fewer points.

It’s vital that unbiased GettApp tool listings and verified user reviews will help project teams make the right decisions and valuable purchases.

It’s worth adding that the scoring system of GetApp contains 5 essential criteria, worth up to 20 points:

  • Ease of use.
  • Functionality.
  • Value for money.
  • Likelihood to recommend.
  • Customer support.

Traditional and new reports by G2

As a good tradition, G2 has once again acknowledged the success of GanttPRO by granting our online Gantt chart maker prominent positions in its esteemed ratings.

This summer, GanttPRO is featured in a great number of reports, including completely new ones. In total, we are presented in 62 G2 Summer 2023 Reports.

What are the most catchy ones?

High Performer in prestigious categories

G2 Grid Reports divide products into Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and Niche software solutions.

GanttPRO is distinguished by stability and constancy as it continues to earn High Performer in the most prestigious grids. One of them is High Performer in the project management category.

GanttPRO is a leader in Project Management on G2
  • Current rating: #17/201.

GanttPRO is continuing to cover numerous requests for daily project management needs and requests. Therefore, we appreciate the constant high place in this ranking and plan to achieve even more.

Here is what Maria Gatautis Woods, a marketing manager from Boston says in her review:

Additionally, we received three more High Performer awards in the following categories:

  • Marketing resource management (#7/28).
  • Work management (#17/48).
  • Task management (#22/79).

High Performer in different regions

As always, G2 provides High Performer ratings in the project management category for different regions of the world. This index shows the satisfaction scores based on reviews sourced from various locations.

Below are the fresh positions of GanttPRO.

GanttPRO is a leader in Europe Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Germany Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in United Kingdom Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Middle East & Africa Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Asia Pacific Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Asia Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Latin America Project Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Middle East Project Management on G2
  • Current rating in Europe: #17/67.
  • Current rating in Germany: #6/17.
  • Current rating in the United Kingdom: #13/34.
  • Current rating in the Middle East and Africa: #12/24.
  • Current rating in Asia Pacific: #21/57.
  • Current rating in Asia: #19/50.
  • Current rating in Latin America: #13/33.
  • Current rating in the Middle East: #13/21.

The most essential increase in the ranking compared to the previous regional G2 Reports is marked in the Middle East & Africa and the United Kingdom regions.

Momentum Leader in project management

Software solutions in the Leader tier in the G2 Momentum Grid are ranked in the top 25% of their category’s products by their users. This score is calculated by a special algorithm that consider web, social, employee, and review data that is influential in a company’s momentum.

GanttPRO is a leader in Project Management on G2
  • Current position: #11/184.

Best relationship

This index demonstrates the actual relationship scores. It includes:

  • Ease of business.
  • Likely to recommend it.
  • Quality of support, and other factors.
GanttPRO is a leader in Work Management on G2 GanttPRO is a leader in Small-Business Task Management on G2
  • Relationship index for work management: #13/35.
  • Relationship index for task management: #11/54.
  • Small business relationship index for task management: #16/45.

People’s choice

This Grid Report uncovers informal but always-awaited recognition related to GanttPRO. This award doesn’t come with current positions, progress, or backwardness. Users love us, and this is what makes us happy.

Users love GanttPRO on G2

Summer 2023 category leader by SourceForge

One more award came from SourceForge – a software platform for open-source and business tools.

This time GanttPRO got a Summer 2023 category leader recognition.

This award recognizes exceptional businesses and online tools that have received remarkable user reviews. It enables these platforms to secure their position among the top-tier products on SourceForge.

Summer leader award by SourceForge

To be included in this esteemed category, each product must have received a significant number of highly-rated reviews from users. It means that this award serves as a clear indication of the exceptional quality that GanttPRO provides.

Reaching greater heights together with you

GanttPRO is committed to meeting project teams’ evolving needs, offering advanced Gantt chart functionality worldwide.

Receiving awards holds a special place in our hearts. It’s our customers who have the final say, so the reviews and rankings on platforms like G2, Capterra, SourceForge, and others show the role of GanttPRO and its positive impact on businesses.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us achieve new heights.

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