The Most Popular Gantt Chart Templates to Use in Project Planning

What does it take to make your project successful? What steps do you need to take to bring it to the top?

One of the main factors for project success is developing a strong project plan. Your well-developed project plan will allow you not only to set deadlines, always see the progress and track your activities, but to be confident that the things happen the way they are supposed to.

The simplest and the most powerful tool that gains the hearts of project managers from day to day is a Gantt chart. Scheduling projects with Gantt charts is easy and functional. Moreover, it is demonstrative enough to add your graphs in your presentations and reports.

The main problem is to start, and I believe that when you decide to use a Gantt chart for the first time, it could be a little bit frustrating:

  • How to start using Gantt charts?
  • What should my first task be in a Gantt chart?
  • Am I doing everything right when setting dependencies?

The smartest decision for you would be to start scheduling projects with a Gantt chart template.

So to simplify your project management experience we’ve gathered the most common Gantt chart templates in one place:

Software development and product release template

GanttPRO software development and product

Design template

This template can be customized for a particular design template, web-design or even website project plan template.

GanttPRO design delopment template

Construction planning template

GanttPRO construction template

Event planning template

Use it as a base to create your own project, from a conference schedule template to a wedding planning template or a party planning template.

GanttPRO event planning template

Human resource planning template

GanttPRO human resource planning template

StartUp project plan template

No matter is it online or offline business you are going to run, just customize this gantt chart template for your needs to create a strong project plan for your business.GanttPRO startup template

All the full versions of the templates are available in GanttPRO.

Using Gantt chart project plan templates to schedule your projects, define the project scope, and manage risks, the constraints and the resources your project requires is simple and advantageous. Plus it lets you make your project plan not longer that 1-2 pages. Why is it so important? Your clients, managers, prospects or even investors are more likely to take a look at a short demonstrative document than to get through the paper piles.

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