Most Effective Practices to Handle Digital Marketing Projects Successfully

Are you planning for your next digital marketing campaign? If yes, then you already know that you need a well-developed strategy to make an impact on the market. To handle marketing projects efficiently, various marketing organizations require skillful staff, new technology, and the helping hand of simple project management software like Gantt charts for marketing teams.

In fact, 51% of business owners agree that good content management is crucial for creating a cohesive customer journey. So, let’s take a look at some of the most effective marketing practices and discover to what extent a simple project management tool can assist the process.

Starting With the Basics

Project management software streamlines the project through 5 critical phases of project development:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring
  • Completion

1. Clearly Define Goals

Ways to handle digital marketing projects

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What is the main marketing objective? It’s safe to say that it is to increase your audience, increase website traffic, and enhance your number of email subscribers. After all, these are the most important goals of marketing, so once defined, it is the time to implement them into a marketing campaign.

The best recommendation for successful marketing is to keep your goals realistic. The more tasks a company has on its plate, the more difficult it will be for the team to manage it all. This is why it is important to focus on a few attainable goals that offer the most benefits.

Of course, the project should have specific and realistic objectives within a given timeline. And, the list of tools the team will be granted access to should be passed on to the workforce for better collaboration on the project.

2. Create a Project Task List

What is the difference between your own and Apple’s marketing approach? They don’t have to be a major difference, but only if you can manage the entire project correctly by giving the right tasks to the right people.

This is quite crucial, especially when handling multiple projects with more than a few task lists. By creating project task lists, you can have an overview of what all is on your plate and then, plan accordingly for a seamless execution. We have been managing multiple digital projects, with each one of them containing hundreds of tasks. All we did is created project task lists and then, tracking the progress and accountability became a breeze.

By creating a certain workflow via a well-designed system and a list of tasks, your company will save a lot of valuable time. Since the team will be informed about the overall expectations and the correct steps that need to be taken in the project development phase, the risks of making a mistake are lower and employees will feel free to be creative and focus on the core of each task.

3. Define and Divide Projects

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If projects are divided, the project manager can easily track individual project development and check if the deadlines are being met. By respecting the deadlines means respecting the client’s requests, thus, using marketing tools such as a marketing calendar is not an option, but a necessity.

Gantt chart maker GanttPRO

This is yet another perk of simple project management software that marketing developers can use to their benefit. Making a to-do list of tasks, scheduling, and dividing them into milestones will enhance the chances of project completion on, if not ahead of time.

In addition, the marketing campaign managers need to consider their target audience during this process. So the content should focus on a story with which the audience can relate to, as well as the benefits they will get from purchasing your product or services. For that purpose, discover what the people would like to see by researching popular blog posts on the topic and their comment sections, as well as forum posts, and Twitter chats.

4. The Accent is on Proper Delegation

Delegation is an essential part if you want to successfully complete projects on time. Now, thanks to project management software, delegation is easy because all information is right there in the system and each user has the ability to communicate over closed dashboards and use other useful tools for enhanced collaboration.

With enhanced collaboration, the probability of committing communication errors is reduced to a great extent. As every team member knows exactly what’s expected from them, they can work without pressure that reflects in their productivity. Moreover, your project environment will also become less prone to errors, a factor that can help you build reputation and get more projects in future.

5. Prioritize and Stick to the Budget

Handling digital marketing campaigns

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Working on several projects can sometimes be overwhelming. Hence very well said that marketing managers should learn how to prioritize work. Focus and prioritize, but don’t forget to pay attention to the budget.

To avoid going over your budget, do some research, thoroughly calculate your costs and potential revenue, and make a decision. Once the budget is set, prioritization and delegation will ensure that the organization may stay within its budget.

Furthermore, almost any project management system offers a clear overview of overdue, upcoming, delegated, and uncompleted tasks. Therefore, the risk of delays, mistakes, and missed deadlines (which automatically endangers all business expenses) are lower.

6. Publish & Share the Content

Review the tasks and the overall project once again after completion, then publish and share it over popular social media platforms. Launch your email marketing campaign and measure its success as well as the audience feedback.

Take a look at the 5 best social media campaigns for 2017. What do they all have in common? In their core, there are several vital elements responsible for building a social media marketing campaign that works. Those essential points include:

  • Social media community management – Younger employees communicating on behalf of the brand on social media platforms.
  • Tactical social media strategy – Creating social media buzz before launching the campaign by taking advantage of the unique features of each channel the company is using and building promotional content around it.
  • Choosing the most effective social media platforms – Use the channels the target audience uses daily.
  • Delivery of the company’s message – The voice and tone of the message should support the company’s beliefs and standards.
  • Work with your email signature – This thing works both for your image as a professional and for extra engagement. The market offers some efficient tools. For example, with WiseStamp, you can create a magnetic signature for your profile. Signature generators like Newoldstamp allow sharing links and adding CTAs at the bottom of your emails. Thanks to its central management feature, you can efficiently manage email signatures across the whole team or organization.

Wrapping it up

All in all, the most successful digital marketing projects rely on an easy and well-defined structure of simple project management software solutions. The organizations that want to make a greater impact and establish their place in the market should know that this is a tool used to accomplish all of your digital marketing goals more efficiently.

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