GanttPRO as the Best Microsoft Project Alternative for Creating Gantt Charts

Project managers are busy people. They have to do a bunch of various things, from planning till final accomplishment of a project. It’s challenging, no doubts. However, there are some moments where they can feel happy: nowadays they can choose between so many management tools, so sometimes it hurts to make a choice rather than to manage a project.

Those who deal with projects are highly likely to be acquainted with Microsoft Project tool. But the reality is that even most widespread software oftentimes doesn’t meet the needs. It can be so due to different reasons: too complicated, inefficient, not affordable or does not have required features, etc. In such cases, managers begin to look for best Microsoft Project alternatives. Fortunately, to find alternatives to MS Project is not even a problem nowadays.

In this article, we present GanttPRO as the main alternative to MS Project. Here are the reasons why we do that.

Quick and easy registration

GanttPRO vs MS Project

What can scare a user away from software? One of the first steps – registration. If you have to fill in fields with the information you consider insignificant, this software is a failure for you.

To register in GanttPRO, you don’t need to give us your business email address or phone number, company name and its organizational size. Simply sign up using your email or Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn accounts. After that, you can immediately plan and manage your tasks in our alternative to Microsoft Project.

Sign in GanttPRO

Intuitive interface

GanttPRO vs MS Project

What does a user see after registration? Right, the way the software looks – its interface. There is no common model of how an ideal interface should look like. It’s a purely individual choice. But what really matters is simplicity and intuitivity. MS Project users know firsthand how this software is difficult to study out. To learn even simple actions a user needs time, much time.

GanttPRO – MS Project alternative – is like your favorite work chair in the office after you have been sitting in an uncomfortable one at the meeting. When your limbs fell asleep and you finally changed position – it is such a relief. This is what managers feel after switching from MS Project to our alternative.

To become an advanced user, a manager needs literally a few minutes. Buttons, options and the Gantt chart itself – everything is nice and intuitive.

Ease to use

GanttPRO vs MS Project

Wouldn’t you like it when you use an app, even a robust one, but nevertheless it is still simple to work with? If you deal with MS Project, you are highly likely to have realized that this software is not the easiest one to use. One can simply get lost there. Easy to use is the key for any tool to be widespread and used among team members. Isn’t it great when everyone understands all settings and functionality?

GanttPRO as Microsoft Project alternative is the tool where a manager and a team can work together, even if it is used for the first time.

What do we mean saying easy to use? All functions you need you can find right here, on your screen. No What-is-this, no Maybe-these-features-will-work-for-me-in-the-future-but-I-don’t-need-them-now. All you need to do with a project you will find intuitively. Set dependencies between tasks, drag and drop them, set milestones, view history of changes, restore previous versions – a few clicks, and you already work with all these features.

GanttPRO interface

All activity on one screen

GanttPRO vs MS Project

If you work with a project, it is as clear as day that you need to have everything at hand. Not scattered somewhere in different options, buttons and screens.

In GanttPRO alternative to MS Project, a manager has everything on one screen. There is no need to search for required functions somewhere. All tasks, estimates, resources, steps, changes, and persons who made them – right in front of you.

Easy collaboration with the team

GanttPRO vs MS Project

To collaborate with your team in MS Project is like trying to reach your friend, who is 100 m away from you, on a rock show – hard and painful, with a shadow of impossibility. For this purpose, the product requires the license.

GanttPRO, being a Microsoft Project alternative, makes collaboration process smooth and joyful. Leave comments, attach files, invite to a project anyone you want to, browse the history of changes in real time – vast space for flights and effective collaboration with team members.

When a change is made, a real-time notification will appear for everyone to know. This allows tracking all the changes that have been made in a project.

Notifications in GanttPRO

Export to popular formats including PNG

GanttPRO vs MS Project

Managers need to have their projects every time and everywhere. For many reasons: to have full control, to present them during meetings or report to stakeholders. Exporting is a good way out. Both tools have this feature.

In GanttPRO a manager can export charts to 4 popular formats: XLSX, PNG, PDF or XML. With only one click. Our Microsoft Project alternative also allows including your Gantt charts into presentations or any other multimedia files – your clients and team are always aware of estimates and progress.

GanttPRO Export Options

Easy import from popular formats with wide options

GanttPRO vs MS Project

Have you already started your chart in MS Project, but you are tired of working in it? In our Microsoft Project alternative, you can easily import your project from .mpp MS format. It is convenient: you import, lose nothing and go on working on your project.

That is not all. Import to GanttPRO is also possible from .xlsx, .xls and .csv formats.

Note: import is possible in two tools. But it is really easier to make it in GanttPRO.

Import in GanttPRO

Sharing with everyone using a public URL

GanttPRO vs MS Project

In GanttPRO Microsoft Project alternative, it is easy to share your project with everyone. This can be done with the help of a generated link. You grant anyone you want the right to view your project in two ways: static (snapshot) or dynamic (all the following changes will be available via that link). No licenses, no hard-to-make steps – just use a public URL.

You can deactivate a link at any moment in two ways: switch it OFF or simply delete it. The previous link no longer will be available.

Own templates

GanttPRO vs MS Project

Templates are available in both tools. However, in our Microsoft project alternative, there is a possibility to save your own template.

For example, you manage a project or already accomplished it. You realize that it is a really successful template that can be used for future projects. Save it, use it and get success as many times as it allows.

History of changes

GanttPRO vs MS Project

How many times have you made wrong actions in your chart? Probably, plenty. So did your team members. This can lead your project to bad directions.

Among all others Microsoft project alternatives GanttPRO stands out. It is simple to view ALL history of changes made by you and your team. Browse all actions and events, catch where everything went wrong and restore the version of your Gantt chart before wrong actions were implemented. You fully control your project.

 History GanttPRO

Works fine on Mac

GanttPRO vs MS Project

MS Project is the product of Microsoft. No wonder, they do not support OS of their main competitors.

However, it is very important to create conditions where everyone can have access to a project and work on it wherever it can be.

GanttPRO, being a great Microsoft Project Mac alternative, gives that possibility. Our Gantt chart software works on any platforms be it Windows, Mac or Linux. Just forget about your search for Microsoft Project alternative for Mac – you have already found it.

Free trial

GanttPRO vs MS Project

GanttPRO allows everyone to use a 14-day free trial. Moreover, at the moment paid plans are at a lower price for this Microsoft Project alternative.

Summarizing table

Let’s summarize everything that was stated above in one table.

GanttPRO as the best MS Project alternative

Microsoft Project alternative selection criteria: free features

GanttPRO exists as a free trial and a paid product. To use MS Project, you need to pay. The only free option available for it is to use trial. Of course, trial functionality is poor and doesn’t let to create robust projects.

This is not the case of GanttPRO. In the free trial, our alternative to Microsoft Project offers:

  • All basic Gantt chart features;
  • Unlimited number of projects;
  • Unlimited number of users;
  • Automatic scheduling;
  • Progress tracking;
  • Critical path;
  • Working days and hours;
  • Resource workload;
  • History of changes;
  • Deadlines;
  • Cost management;
  • Import;
  • Templates, and many more!

Sign Up GanttPRO


GanttPRO already proved to be an efficient Microsoft Project alternative to many managers. Moreover, we have stated not all features giving the possibility to discover them to you.

Watch our tutorial on how to create your first Gantt chart in GanttPRO.

What is your opinion of GanttPRO? Please, feel free to share it with us.

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