GanttPRO Integration with JIRA Cloud Software: Improved Efficiency across Teams

GanttPRO Integration with JIRA Software

Plenty of IT projects are tracked in JIRA Software. No doubt, it is a great tool that helps in reaching new heights in project management.

But what if users could use combined tools, not plugins, and benefit from the advantages of each other? This is the case of GanttPRO project planning tool and JIRA Cloud Software integration.

Atlassian Marketplace does offer a variety of Gantt chart solutions. But mostly, they are Gantt chart plugins that are directly integrated into JIRA. They give possibilities to work with Gantt charts. But the list of their features does not include all the advantages a diagram can offer. They simply give a possibility to use them, not to its full extent.

The reality is that a Gantt chart is a rather powerful tool with lots of features. They are helpful in many cases related to project management. GanttPRO online Gantt chart maker is a vivid example of it. That’s why we set this uneasy task – to provide a smooth integration of both services and offer project managers a great place to handle tasks.

How to connect GanttPRO and JIRA Cloud Software?

GanttPRO Gantt chart and JIRA integration

Please, follow the instruction described on the GanttPRO page on Atlassian Marketplace. There you may also find all other relevant information about upcoming releases and new features.

Find the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to synchronize GanttPRO and JIRA Cloud from this video tutorial.

What can GanttPRO & JIRA Cloud Software integration do?

GanttPRO & JIRA Software integration

To start with, both tools retain all their features, not losing anything. In case you choose GanttPRO to work with JIRA tasks (or, vice versa, you choose JIRA to work with GanttPRO tasks), you get 100% working tools with the functionality you expect from the services.

What are the other advantages?

1. Stable performance

GanttPRO is an independently functioning tool for project management. More than 500K users from all over the world already gave it a try for a variety of projects. We receive feedback regularly and keep on improving the service.

In the case of plugins, you’d better do your research. It is not a problem as all products on Atlassian Marketplace can be reviewed. But even slight research shows typical problems with estimations, links, progress tracking, dates, and some others. Of course, it depends on a plugin. Nevertheless, problems do occur.

2. Two fully-featured tools at the same time

When you integrate GanttPRO and JIRA Cloud, as it was stated, you get two services with all their features. You are free to work in two tools, integrating all your tasks. At the same time, you may manage all other projects using just one tool. Schedule your personal weekend plans in GanttPRO while JIRA can be used for more complicated personal IT tasks.

3. Complete two-way synchronization

Intuitive interface with GanttPRO and JIRA integration

Connection of services comes with the two-way synchronization. Once any change is made in one tool, respectively this change will occur in the other. Thus project managers and teams may work without fear of lost data.

The Beta release came with the following synchronized actions:

  • Add/delete a task;
  • Change the description of a task;
  • Change the status of a task;
  • Change the priority of a task;
  • Change the owner of a task;
  • Change the assignee of a task;
  • Rename a task;
  • Add/change links to a task.

This is the beginning of great plans. In the future, we are planning to go deeper into integration and create even greater possibilities for efficient project management.

4. Cloud solution

You can work with your projects and connect them from different places. For this, you only need to have accounts in both services – GanttPRO and JIRA.JIRA and GanttPRO Gantt chart integration

With GanttPRO & JIRA Cloud integration project managers get:

  • Greater visibility of IT projects from JIRA with easy access;
  • Improved efficiency between departments, projects, and teams;
  • Integrated workflow;
  • Minimized risks of information loss.

If you have any questions, please, let us know at [email protected]. You can consult FAQ about GanttPRO and JIRA integration and book a personal GanttPRO demo too.

Also, feel free to contact us if you have your vision of this integration and would like to share your thoughts with us.

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Andrew Stepanov

Andrew Stepanov

Andrew fell in love with the Gantt chart from the moment he discovered this great project management tool. Implementing his experience in marketing, he does his best to promote it to professionals from different spheres.

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