Work Schedule Calendar is Now Available in GanttPRO

When scheduling a project, a project manager should consider many factors: from a capacity of team members and task duration to such factors of no little significance as a work schedule that can influence tasks end dates and elongate a project.

That is why today we are thrilled to announce that Custom Calendar is now released! With its help, you can create a customizable work schedule for your team taking business days and weekends, days-off, holidays, short days, etc. into account. GanttPRO project scheduling software will be recalculating all durations automatically based on your settings.

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Business days and weekends

Regarding the fact that most companies have their specific needs, when it comes to working days and time, a solution for project managers who have a predefined work schedule – and want to schedule their projects in accordance with capacities of their teams – could be to start from setting business days and weekends.

Using Business days and Weekends settings, changing and applying them to a project schedule, you can organize your work and see how the changes in the work schedule can elongate the project duration.

If you want to set working days and weekends, just go to Custom Calendar and click the date you need, Saturday. After that, choose the Weekend option and, if you want every Saturday to be a day-off, then check the Repeat option and choose to repeat every week. In the same way, you can set Sunday as a weekend or any other day of a week.

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Business days and Weekends settings is a fast and efficient method for setting a common working schedule for your team but is still not perfect when it comes to setting custom day-offs, marking holidays or short days. That is why we have provided more options!

Custom days (days-off, holidays, etc.)

The work schedule can be unpredictable in some cases, but often you can anticipate upcoming days-off (a corporate event, team building, etc.) and holidays in your team’s work schedule.

With the help of Custom Days settings, you can include such extra events in your schedule. In this case, GanttPRO will take them into account when calculating and outputting task durations that have been split with a day-off.

If you want to add a day-off to your schedule, click the date on a calendar and choose a weekend option. After that, you can apply settings, or choose whether you want this date to be a day-off every month, or in the case of holidays, every year.

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That’s it! You can repeat this action for all holidays your company celebrates. The only thing we do not have here is holiday greetings, but we will add them too someday. 🙂

Recurring events (every Tuesday, short days, etc.)

The third type of days you can take advantage of in GanttPRO Custom Calendar is recurring events that include short days, a changing work schedule, etc. It is undeniable that every company has its own work schedule and some sweet bonuses such as short days or monthly days-off, and a project manager definitely needs a way to schedule projects considering them.

In the Custom calendar, a project manager can choose a date and set a custom work time for it: let me say, on Friday office works from 9 AM to 4 PM while the normal operating hours are 9 AM – 6 PM. To create a repeatable event (you want it to happen every Friday), check the repeat option and choose whether you want it to repeat every week, month or year.

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If you have corporate holidays in your company, easily add them to your schedule by setting a period to which you want to apply an event.


Once the Custom calendar is created, you can easily save it as a template and apply to multiple projects or share with other project managers in a few clicks.

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Hope you will find the Custom calendar advantageous for your project scheduling! We can’t wait to receive your feedback, thoughts, ideas or just chat to you! Please feel free to drop us a line here, use a live chat, social media or email us to: [email protected].

We’re tracking your comments everywhere and always happy to chat. 🙂

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